Translation - Notarization

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+995 595 05 75 49

We translate:

  • Passport, Certificate, Diploma
  • The reference, statement, extract from the register
  • Birth, marriage, death, any certificate
  • Consent, Power of attorney, Contract


  • Medical, Biological
  • Technical, Physics
  • Information technology
  • Legal, Judicial
  • Translation of sites and software

About us

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Our team will provide an accurate translation of your material as soon as possible

If desired, we will assure your translation by a notary

Our courier will deliver the completed document to the address you specify.

Service list

  • Translation of material from any terminology into multiple languages
  • Notarization of translation
  • Revision of the already translated document with the subsequent notarial
  • Remote service - Send us the material by e-mail, our manager contacts with you and agrees with you the cost and time of the translation
  • Courier services


Order translation

Sending material to e-mail

We contact you and discuss the cost and timing of the transfer.


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Based on the volume and terminology of the material, we calculate the cost of translation.

The translation cost is also affected by the translation execution time - how urgently you need a ready translation.

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Georgia, Tbilisi

TEL: + 995 595 05 75 49